DEEM concept

The raison d'être of the OPTICONs ground-breaking DualEEM (Emission Electron Microscope) concept is given by the unique, never till now realized feature of the real time separation and simultaneous observation of the image and reciprocal plane in the cathode lens based microscopes during the going-on process at surfaces. In all present parallel imaging techniques both planes alternate along the same electron optical axis. As the experimental praxis demonstrates, switching between imaging and diffraction is slow (caused by the time-consuming and complicated procedure of removing and implementing of the contrast aperture on to the beam axis)- therefore it is completely impossible to investigate an irreversible process under those two aspects in real time. In the case of LEEM or PEEM equipped with the α-SDA imaging filter, an image optical axis (on which the contrast aperture is located) and a reciprocal image axis, are geometrically separated- the only limiting factor for the switching is the frequency limit of the electronics (not aperture mechanics, as in conventional instruments).

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